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Nick Groff denies Media claims of his show Faking activity. Jason Hawes comes to his defense.

“With the slew of Paranormal TV shows out there these days, People really need to wonder what is real, What is fabricated and the morals of the stars of each show.
Ghosts of Shepherdstown has been in the hot seat recently due to reports by ‘Dread Central’ that one of Shepherdstown’s residents allegedly said in an interview that Ghosts of Shepherdstown is “staged and fake.

That prompted Jason Hawes of ‘Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy’ to post a link to the story on his Facebook after many of his fans had sent the article to him.
But late Wednesday night, After Hawes received a call from ‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown star Nick Groff’ Hawes had a change of heart about the authenticity of the media report, rather than Ghosts of Shepherdstown itself.

Hawes and Groff have been friends for some time and have always respected each others work. Which seems to be a rarity these days with so many different paranormal show stars attacking each other.

Jason Hawes came to the defense of the show’s star and producer Nick Groff, known for his past work on Ghost Adventures and his current paranormal series, Paranormal Lockdown.

Hawes told his fans that he has not watched ‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown’ in his post, But if the story was true then it was sad to hear and just bad for the field.
Groff called Hawes to discuss the story that Dread Central had initially posted.
After their discussion Hawes posted a FB live video about their conversation.
That video has been viewed more the 200,000 times since late last night.
Hawes stated he and Groff are friends and that he has respect for Groff and his work. Hawes also stated he believes Groff to be authentic in his search for the Paranormal, But that Media can many times be bias, Manipulated and more.
Check out his FB live post below

Just spoke with Nick Groff.

Posted by Jason Hawes/TAPS on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Just as Hawes stated in his video, Nick Groff posted shortly after Jason posted his FB live video.

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