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The stars of ‘Ghost Wars’ on why you should watch it instead of any other Paranormal shows out there right now.

Why it matters to you With an well known cast, spooky trailer, and intriguing premise, Ghost Wars could turn out to be must-watch-with-all-the-lights-on TV. There are hordes of supernatural beings on TV at the moment, but the creators of Syfy’s Ghost Wars think their 13-episode show will offer scares that stay with you after you’ve switched off the set (or powered down your device). Stars Vincent D’Onofrio (Father Dan Carpenter), Meat Loaf (Doug Rennie), Avan Jogia (Roman Mercer), Kandyse McClure (Landis Barker), as well as showrunner Simon Barry, writer and executive producer Dennis Heaton, and executive producers Chad Oakes and …

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Haunted doll makes chair rock on This Morning TV Show

Viewers watching This Morning tv show in the UK were spooked as a possessed doll started to rock the chair it was sitting in live on air. Debbie Merrick and her husband brought the doll to the studio to talk about how the doll has tormented them since they bought it. The couple bought three china dolls for just £5.00 at a second hand shop only to find out one of the dolls was possessed. Debbie said that her husband had mysterious scratches on his leg and their fire alarm goes off for no reason. As they there chatting about …

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Silver UFO filmed flying over Leeds, UK – Paranormal Globe

Paranormalglobe A silver metallic looking UFO has been filmed flying over the sky above Leeds, UK.  It was filmed by a local resident. During the clip the UFO looks like it disappears then reappears or it could be just the way the sun is shining on the object making it look like it disappears. The man who was filming the UFO can be heard saying “A silver thing flying through the sky very very slowly. It’s definitely not an aircraft. I don’t know what it is, but maybe it’s another one for security.” [embedded content] The video was sent to …

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What Could Space Archaeologists Tell Us about Astronaut Culture?

“Space archaeologist” would be a fine job description for a fictional character on an interplanetary mission to unearth the ruins of an alien civilization. But a handful of real-life archaeologists are already making a bid to study culture in space — of the human, not alien, variety. A new effort, called ISS Archaeology, seeks to understand the “microsociety” aboard the International Space Station. The plan is to treat the space lab like archaeologists would treat an ancient site. By looking at the artifacts of astronauts — from their dining utensils and sleeping bags to their religious icons and family photos …

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Restless Spirits at Duffy’s Cut

My colleague John Weaver shared the following information…a conversation between John and his high school classmate Toni: Hi John, Where I grew up, outside Phila, in our backyard, is a place we used to play, which is now called “Duffy’s Cut”. Back then, it was just a wooded area behind our house, but over the years, it has become somewhat of a legend. Just wondered if you have ever heard of it? Hi Toni – it is indeed real – while building what would become the PRR an Irishman named Duffy hired immigrants ‘off the boat’ to help build a …

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Chicago Police Officer Reports ‘Phantom’ Sightings in Auburn Gresham Neighborhood

The following account was sent to my colleague Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse: I’m going to tell you about something that happened to me on the night of June 29th 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. I am reporting this of my own volition and I am wanting to stay anonymous due to the fact that I work for the Chicago Police Department and do not want anybody else to know that I submitted this report. I have been with the Chicago Police Department for over eight and a half years. The only people who know that I submitted this are my …

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