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Paranormal phenomena items on display | News, Sports, Jobs

The Redwood County Museum is now featuring a collection of items associated with paranormal phenomena. This exhibition runs from May through October of this year and is owned by Adrian Lee, founder of the International Paranormal Society. On display are Ouija boards, dolls with paranormal energy, vampire kits, incense, photographs of spirits (one of which was taken in the basement of the old Francois Hotel in Redwood Falls), books on witchcraft, voodoo, ghosts, haunted places, 777 by Aleister Crowley, etc. and some equipment for tracking down ghosts. I was especially interested in a couple St. Mary medals, one of which …

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Historical society hosting annual paranormal event

The Laurel Highlands Historical Village will host its 5th annual Strange Encounters Event from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Aug. 5 at the East Taylor fire hall in Parkhill. The paranormal event will feature several individuals who are deemed as experts of the unexplained, who will provide insight into various topics. Stan Gordon, an independent investigator of the unexplained for more than 40 years, will open the event and is scheduled to speak from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.  “It’s basically a learning process,” said Ron Shawley, executive director of Laurel Highlands Historical Village. “It’s an opportunity to see physical evidence that has …

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St Leonards open mic night for experiencers of the paranormal and ET phenomena

People who claim to have had contact with ‘extra-terrestrials’ and experienced the paranormal are invited to speak about their stories at an event on Saturday evening (July 29). The open mic night will be from 7pm to 11pm at the Royal Victoria Hotel in St Leonards, Marina. It is being organised by Joanne Summerscales, who has researched the subject extensively and interviewed those who say they have experienced such phenomena. She said: “I think this is one of the most important and most fascinating areas of human experience. It is still considered fringe but has been known and researched for …

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Paranormal Documentary ‘The Otherworld’

20 years ago, director Richard Stanley was fired from the Val Kilmer-starring ‘Island of Dr. Moreau.’ Since then, he’s been communing with ghosts—and planning his comeback. [embedded content]   Your writer’s strangest-ever assignment during his years at Entertainment Weekly? Interviewing Hardware and Dust Devil director Richard Stanley. This is partly because the filmmaker is a rather eccentric — if exceedingly welcoming and convivial — gent. And partly because the interview took place at Stanley’s house in an area of the French Pyrenees he refers to as “The Zone.” This is an alleged hot spot of paranormal activity where the director himself claimed …

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Romance Roundup: Single Moms, Scottish Hotties, and Paranormal Investigators

This week’s Romance Roundup includes a single mom who needs to build up her confidence, a newly-titled guy with the hots for a very nice lady, and a woman who’s about to get quite cozy with a paranormal detective. Hate to Want You, by Alisha RaiLivvy Kane and Nicholas Chandler had a pretty sweet deal that involved getting really intimate and cozy and sweaty together once a year. Their families might have had a mortal enemy thing going on, which is why they needed to keep their activities on the down low. (Personally, once a year with a guy like …

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Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering set for Aug. 12

GETTYSBURG, Pa. — Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering will be from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 12, at David Stewart Farm, 2795 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg. The Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering is an outdoor festival at the David Stewart Farm, Civil War Field Hospital and Colonial Homestead. In its eighth year, the festival brings paranormal enthusiasts together and provides an opportunity for those who are interested in history and the paranormal to meet and spend time. In addition to historians, authors, psychics, and other vendors, this year’s event is the biggest yet, and it will also include medical re-enactors, a roving restaurant, …

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Preview all tracks on Alice Cooper’s new album ‘Paranormal’ Myglobalmind Online Magazine

Alice returns this week with a new album.  Take a listen to the first 60 seconds of each track here:  [embedded content] Alice Cooper reunites Original Band for 2017 UK Tour Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith will tour UK with Alice in November 2017 On May 14th, 2017 following Alice Cooper’s customary execution via guillotine on stage at his Nashville concert, fans were treat ed to something rarely seen since 1973. The stage went dark and original band members, bassist Dennis Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith reunited to perform a five song mini-set of their classic hits with Alice. This followed the recent …

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Film crew records Old Jail Museum’s paranormal past

A Reiki master instructor recalled that a pair of hands had clasped her neck during a wine-tasting fundraiser at Warrenton’s Old Jail Museum. A retired federal government worker from Prince William spoke of the ghost of a “very angry and very mean” Nazi soldier who followed him home one night from the historic building at 10 Ashby St. And, the jail museum’s part-time curator remembered the sound of footsteps in the building’s attic — defying any logical explanation. All three recounted their spooky stories Saturday afternoon for Twisted Paranormal Society film crews at the museum. Based in Fishersville south of …

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The stars of ‘Ghost Wars’ on why you should watch it instead of any other Paranormal shows out there right now.

Why it matters to you With an well known cast, spooky trailer, and intriguing premise, Ghost Wars could turn out to be must-watch-with-all-the-lights-on TV. There are hordes of supernatural beings on TV at the moment, but the creators of Syfy’s Ghost Wars think their 13-episode show will offer scares that stay with you after you’ve switched off the set (or powered down your device). Stars Vincent D’Onofrio (Father Dan Carpenter), Meat Loaf (Doug Rennie), Avan Jogia (Roman Mercer), Kandyse McClure (Landis Barker), as well as showrunner Simon Barry, writer and executive producer Dennis Heaton, and executive producers Chad Oakes and …

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